Ginger haired female holding a camera to her face


Hi, I'm Charlie! I have two cats (I’m scared to get a dog in case it prefers my husband to me), I drink my gin with lemonade, I love plants but can't keep them alive, I usually have my head in a book, I love sequins and disco balls, I can never resist an almond croissant, and I can recite Friends word for word.
I often cry behind the camera at weddings (and at TV programmes. And adverts. And at most things really) and I’m a bit of a geek. Oh and I hate having my photo taken, so I know exactly how you feel. We’ll get on great!

I live in North Cardiff with my husband Mark, our little girl Posy (by name and by nature) and our two rescue cats Missy and Nox. I spend all of our money on holidays, drink copious amounts of tea every day and I am happiest when I’m eating doughnuts by the sea.
I genuinely care that all of my couples have the best time on their wedding day. I often get mistaken for a friend of the couple, which is THE BEST compliment.

My favourite weddings are the ones that reflect the couple’s personalities; whether that’s More is More, or just the two of you in City Hall. My aim on the day is to make you feel comfortable and let you have fun! I’ll carry your drinks, fix your buttonholes, get right into the middle of the dance floor with you, pet your dog, and cry at your speeches, all the while capturing real moments, real joy, real love… and reminding you to eat.

Your day is absolutely NOT about me, but this website is, so here are a few of my favourite things…

My Current Favourite....


Gin with Lemonade




90s Hip Hop, 00s Dance, 10s Pop and Emo/Rock.

Currently mostly listening to Self Esteem.


Bad Dates

TV Shows?

The Bear, It's a Sin, FRIENDS and early Grey's Anatomy.


When Harry Met Sally, Clueless & Labyrinth.

But I only watch films at Christmas!






The Song of Achilles


Eating takeaway pizza + Who Cult doughnuts at Southerndown

A Story of Two Girls Who Fell in Love With Weddings

This story began when Charlie met Hannah. We were planning our own weddings at the time and both writing for the Welsh wedding blog Cwtch the Bride. We fell in love with wedding photography and trained together at Cardiff Met. When Charlie Met Hannah was formed in February 2017 and we had the immense joy of capturing couples get married for over 6 years.

In 2023 Hannah decided to take a step back from shooting weddings, and now plays a (very) supporting role in the background. Charlie is still offering joyful, vibrant and FUN wedding photography with a totally chilled vibe, and loads of genuine care.