Why I believe you really should have a wedding film

by Hannah

Confession time. I didn’t hire a wedding videographer for my own wedding. And it is still to this day my only (huge!) regret.

It’s ironic that since that day nearly 7 years ago I’ve become practically obsessed with preserving and documenting the memories of not just my own family, but for other families and couples too. So it was with interest I read that 98% of couples who didn’t have a videographer regretted their choice. (Glamour magazine  – no judging!)

It’s funny because if you ask your married friends who hired a videographer I’d bet you very few would say they regretted it. Charlie said it was one of the best decisions and investments for her own day – a sentiment often repeated to us by our own couples.

So to try and stop other couples making the same mistake as me, I’ve compiled a few reasons why you should hire a videographer for your big day! (Don’t worry I won’t live with my regret for ever – I’m planning an epic vow renewal with a big emphasis on both photography and film!)

6 Reasons Why

  • Because quite simply it’s the best way of preserving your memories!
  • The day that you’ve spent months or maybe even years planning flies by in a flash! And all you’re left with are your wedding photos and the rings. ( I don’t even have my dress anymore!)
  • Photos do an incredible job of freezing time where a video will help you relive it all over again. Sounds, people’s voices.  little details you’ve long forgotten. The way your dress moves, reactions of loved ones you would have never otherwise have noticed, all bottled up. Think of it this way- who wouldn’t love to see their grandparents’ wedding day?
  • Gone are the days of big VHS camcorders circa 1980s – today we are blessed with DSLRs and even smaller mirrorless cameras capable of professional and discreet cinematic filmmaking, perfect if you’re a little camera shy!
  • Fast paced highlight films are a great way to share with friends and family – you can relive the day on lunch break at work!
  • You can throw a film night. Once the honeymoon is over you can invite your nearest and dearest for a cinema style movie night where your big day is the main feature!

In case you aren’t convinced, here is one of our favourite wedding highlights films so you can see how packed full of joy they really are! Click here to see more of our non traditional wedding films!

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